Facial Recognition Technology

Facial recognition software has been developed for 3 years and is constantly updated according to the latest technology. The fields and high photo quantities we have accelerated our testing process and helped make the core software final. It has been active for 1 year and tested on the local network with a minimum error rate.

It performed facial scans on an average user computer (i5 CPU, 16 GB Ram) out of 40 million photos with an 80% success rate in 1.3 seconds. Our facial recognition software is capable of performing the same performance in the cloud with even more photos.

Your iris is just unique and special as your fingerprint. Only art piece unique to you, your eyes… Iris, also known as “rainbow mesh” with all its colors and shadows, is a direct reflection of the human body. Total genetics are recorded in each thread and in different pigments. Discover how beautiful and amazing your Iris looks!

VR (Virtual Reality)

We’re going back 100 years ago in virtual environment…With our investment in 3D visualization and virtual reality technology, we model the ruins according to their time centuries ago and present it to visitors in a virtual reality environment.

3D Modelling


With our professional team and strong infrastructure, we are working to provide you with the highest quality 3D Modeling and 3D Animation service.



3D animations that every business line needs, such as advertising, documentary, promotional film, assembly and installation animation, training videos.



With 3D visuals, you can make it easier to express your projects in presentation or marketing stages.


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